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  •     Check 4 wheel brake pad and disc rotor condition

  •     Visual Inspection for fluid leaks - Test brake fluid condition (every 2 years)

  •     Adjust brakes and handbrake - Road Test vehicle

*Fee will not be charged if you accept any work carried out on your brakes.





  •     Grease and oil change (with up to 5 litres of oil)

  •     Oil filter

  •     Check and top up all fluid levels including - Diff, Gear Box, Cooling System, Bake Fluid, Power Steering, Battery and Windscreen

  •     Check operation of all lights

  •     Brake inspection and adjustment

  •     Suspension inspection and report

  •     Inspect windscreen wiper rubbers





  •     Includes all of above (deal 1 & 2) and additional:

  •     Grease and oil change (with up to 5 litres of oil)

  •     Replace Oil Filter

  •     Replace Air Filter

  •     Replace Fuel Injection Filter

  •     Replace standard type spark plugs (platinum extra)



Extra services also available, such as Cooling System Flush, A/C Re-gas, Transmission Servicing, Clutches, Suspension and Tyres. The information given on inspection reports are as accurate as can be given without completely dismantling the brake or steering systems. We offer it only as a guide to the condition of the steering and brakes without accepting responsibility.



*All of the above prices are exclusive of GST

*Environmental Levy included in the above prices

*Most popular cars only - (Imported European, 4WD, Luxury & 8 Cylinder cars extra)

Deal 1 - Brake Inspection & Report

Deal 2 - Minor Service

Deal 3 - Major Service

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